Remote Hearings

How to Appear Remotely for a Hearing

Wherever possible, this Court will permit individuals who have access to the internet and a web camera (on a smartphone device, computer, laptop, etc.) to appear for a hearing remotely. To do so, you must do the following:

  1. Download the Skype app on your smartphone device, computer, laptop, etc.
  2. Create and/or login to a Skype account.
  3. Search for Court username Courtroom 1 CHMC (the Skype name tag is “chmc_cr_01”).
  4. Add the Court as a contact.
  5. Message the Court with your name and case number.
  6. Start a video call with the Court. The Court will not answer at that time but will instead receive confirmation that you have completed steps (1) through (6).
  7. Unless already permitted by order of the Court, file a motion with the Court asking that you be permitted to appear remotely (this can be done using the Blank Motion in the Forms section on the Court’s website and may be filed electronically or in-person).
  8. If approved, you must then be logged in to Skype at your scheduled hearing date and time and the Court will thereafter establish a connection to conduct the hearing.
  9. If you are unable to complete the above steps, or if the Court has not ordered that you may appear remotely, you must appear in person with a face covering that sufficiently covers your mouth and nose at your scheduled hearing date and time.